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Incontra Assicurazioni
Più di 250 partecipanti tra top manager e top performer. Tre giorni di conferenze e attività. Una terra dalla bellezza unica, la Sicilia come teatro dell’evento di Incontra Assicurazioni. Così abbiamo trasformato un incredibile viaggio in una brand content experience.
More than 250 participants, including top managers and top performers. Three days of conferences and activities. A land of unique beauty, Sicily, as the perfect setting for the Incontra Assicurazioni event. This is how we turned an incredible journey into a branded content experience.
The picturesque city of Taormina played host to the Incontra Assicurazioni event, one of great significance for the business and its employee base.
CEO Fabrizio Cerruti welcomed top managers and top performers from the entire Italian network, involving them in conferences and team-building activities that we have had the pleasure of recording for the entire 3-day event.

The result is an emotional and powerful 360° collection of moments, people and shared values, able to celebrate the power of a brand that champions teamwork, knowledge and passion.
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