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War is the worst time to realize that you could never love who you wanted to, because from that moment on you are just beasts to the slaughter and life is out of time.

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John and Fred are two American soldiers from World War II. They do not know each other but survival has led them to help each other find shelter in a bombed church...

A story by Giacomo Pellegrini and Ernesto Giuntini.
Directed by Giacomo Pellegrini and produced by Twenty8studios in collaboration with Overclock. A Sayonara Distribution.

A 28studios production

Veronica Ponti, born in 1980, has always been a lover of beauty. After studying philosophy, she began her career in advertising as an art director, working for various agencies. Her creative talent quickly led her to become Creative Director of Mercurio GP in 2007, where she oversaw the development of the company’s video production division.
In 2019, Ponti’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and she founded Twenty8studios, the first Italian content creator agency with a production house. In Twenty8studios she’s both the CEO and the Executive Creative Director.
Over the years, Ponti has signed her name to a number of award-winning video productions, including those with renowned director Ferzan Ozpetek for UniCredit. These groundbreaking works have rewritten the rules of advertising, seamlessly blending the worlds of cinema and advertising.
Giacomo Pellegrini was born in Lucca in 1987.
In 2009, he moved to Rome to attend the film directing course at Nuct Cinecittà, where he made his first short films. Over the years, he has collaborated as a production assistant, second assistant director, and assistant director on national and international films and TV series. For long periods, he alternated his life between Italy and Brazil, continuing to work as both a director and an assistant director. In 2015, he co-directed the documentary “Ballan” with Domenico Lucarelli, which was distributed on Sky Italia and UK channels and is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.
Since 2018, he has lived in Milan, where he continues to work as a director and screenwriter.