Telepass ti porta ovunque

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Telepass ha accompagnato i Jalisse in un viaggio verso l’Ariston per un esibizione emozionante e memorabile capace di sottolineare l’impegno dell’azienda ad aprire nuove strade e ad accompagnare le persone nei loro viaggi sempre più accessibili e green.

From the Telepass belief of 'Taking you anywhere' and 'breaking down all barriers', we have created a unique and self-ironic Branded Content in true Twenty8 style. The choice of testimonials to convey this message was almost obvious, the Jalisse. A production of the highest quality lasting two weeks and a PR program allowed us to advertise this content to the fullest, with the help of talents like Stefano Guerrera and collaboration with significant Italian journalistic and radio such as Dagospia and Radio Deejay. At the end they really made it, maybe we brought luck to them?

The perfect testimonial

Telepass takes Jalisse on a journey that the celebrated duo had been eagerly awaiting for 27 years: the journey to the Ariston… the historic hotel located in the center of Milan. 
The rooftop and the city in the background served as the perfect stage for an emotional performance, highlighting the company’s commitment to paving new paths, and make all the journeys increasingly accessible and green.
“But how do we get back home?” Fabio Ricci finally asks.
“With Telepass!” Alessandra Drusian responds.
A Branded Content that also connects to a commercial aspect: the Giallissimo promo, whose name evokes the protagonists of the campaign.