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Incontra Assicurazioni
Più di 250 partecipanti tra top manager e top performer. Tre giorni di conferenze e attività. Una terra dalla bellezza unica, la Sicilia come teatro dell’evento di Incontra Assicurazioni. Così abbiamo trasformato un incredibile viaggio in una brand content experience.
In occasione del 1° aprile abbiamo deciso, insieme a Telepass, di fare uno scherzo alla community per creare engagement, risonanza mediatica e analizzare il parere della follower base sul un "nuovo servizio fake"

What better occasion than April 1st to engage the community and create an entertaining survey? 

If you are a web surfer, you have surely come across the new Telepass Music service that allows all Telepass clients to change the sound of their device. 

Obviously, this is not a real service, but if you fell for it too, you can also give credit to the exceptional testimonial hired for this spot: Wladimiro Tallini, better known as the king of 2000’s ringtones, who has augmented the credibility of this news story. 

The contents we have created were indeed designed along the lines of the original commercials, and struck a chord with users not only on the side of curiosity about the new service, but also on the emotional aspect that engages the percentage of the fan base that perfectly remembers Wlady and his ringtones. 

Let’s run the numbers

The activity generated positive sentiment for the brand and it was also named among the best April Fools’ communications of 2023

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