PAX Concept & Website

PAX Italia, il brand B2B più Pazzo sul mercato, ci ha permesso di creare una comunicazione web in grado stupire, con contenuti freschi e pieni di paxxione.

The website has received the NC Award 2020 for best B2B website: an achievement that not only testifies to the quality of the work, but also seals the collaboration between PAX and Twenty8 Studios - after all, who said that B2B communication can’t have a B2C tone of voice?

un posizionamento da paxxi

We have repositioned the brand on the market, working on the look innovation, the feeling and the voice’s tone, making it ironic. All this job to let people discovering the online payments in a funny and light way. The communication wanted to give particular preminence to the brand identity, able of speaking in all circumstances and occasion.